About Us

Tampa City Ballet is a professional, collaborative, creation-based contemporary dance company with a unique, fresh, and innovative repertoire. Combining ballet and contemporary technique, Tampa City Ballet leads Tampa in joining a global dance movement that is providing a stage for new, young, and emerging talent and supportive audiences. The company’s vision is to build bridges, create bonds, and inspire hope through dance. By fulfilling its mission of providing the community with a world-class, contemporary dance company and educational outreach programs that provide underserved children with high-quality arts education, Tampa City Ballet will help expand the artistic footprint of Tampa Bay locally and globally.


Our Mission

Tampa City Ballet serves the community by creating unique performances and providing high-quality arts education. Our goal is to positively change lives through the power of dance.

Founding Principles



Creating unique works that contribute to the evolution of dance



Captivating audiences with the beauty, grace and athleticism of dance



Educating and developing audiences and young artists



Working together to make dance an integral part of our community


The heart and soul of your artistry and your love for the art form and the community were evident to the wonderfully full house audience. This is what dance is all about.

/ Paula Krammer | Supporter of Tampa City Ballet /


Beautiful, layered, muscular, heart-filled, insistent and captivating… it was as if the dancers created pendulums of longing and rejection, fullness and emptiness, desperateness and tethered resilience, extension and withdrawal.

/ Fani Green - School of Theatre and Dance of the University of South Florida /

Testimonial for Paula Nunez’s piece “AfterImage” after its performance at the University of South Florida