Why Outreach?

Tampa City Ballet serves the community by providing access to high-quality arts education, performances and scholarship opportunities.




On Your Feet

On Your Feet is a six week program created by Artistic Director Paula Nunez designed to introduce students to the joy of dance. Unique to this program is that it is lead by master instructors with years of experience, both teaching and performing.

Students will develop creativity, discipline, musicality, motor skills, confidence, and experience working as a team.

For four years, Tampa City Ballet has been delighted to offer On Your Feet in the University Area as part of their DreamCatchers Summer Camp. Promising students from this program have subsequently been offered scholarships to receive professional dance education and performance opportunities at America’s Ballet School.

In 2017, Tampa City Ballet also began offering On Your Feet to children ages 3 and up at local area schools.



Tampa City Ballet strives to provide training for promising dancers of all ages by facilitating scholarships for America’s Ballet School, one of the top ballet academies serving Tampa.

Through On Your Feet six-week program, the company provides qualifying students with opportunities to train with professional ballet masters.

Current scholarship recipients:

Joey Bell, Imani Bell, David Colson, Cole Dreiling, Aden Fregapane, Anthony Fregapane, Aiden Gilmore, Elena Lissignoli, Elisa Lissignoli, Yasilet Alicee, Zion Phoenix, Leyla Rios-Thomas, Camille Ruiz, Arianna Saez, Patricia Saez, Destinee Scott, Nina-Sky Simms, Hector Verona.



Internships make opportunities available for college and high school students who wish to build upon their education with practical work experience.  This program offers the intern opportunities for personal, professional and “hands-on” experience working under the guidance of our master instructors.

Specific objective for each intern are established in order to integrate and enhance those areas of professional development that need greater emphasis.

Outreach Performances

Each year, America’s Ballet School presents its educational version of The Nutcracker, organized by Tampa City Ballet. Matinees provide an opportunity for students, seniors and first time ballet audiences to enjoy the magic of this holiday favorite in an abridged ninety-minute performance. Nutcracker study guides are available in advance to familiarize students with the story, as well as theater etiquette.

The performance concludes with a Q & A session with the dancers.


Outdoor Performances & Lectures

Tampa City Ballet and the Trainees provide outdoor performances and lectures at public and private schools. From the streets to the nearest community center, the dancers expose the community to dance and offer entertainment to children and adults alike. T The pieces performed are tailored to the event,  from five-minute choreographic works to short versions of story-ballets. Private performances are offered as well.


Want to collaborate with TCB?

We will be happy to offer and bring our outreach programs, outreach performances, and lectures to your school or organization.

Our Connections and Collaborations with Outreach



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