Samuel Melecio-Zambrano

Hometown: Niceville, Florida

Samuel Melecio-Zambrano was first exposed to dance in the womb, as his mother salsa-ed her way about the living room. Ever since then, dance has always found a way to pop up in his life, but it wasn’t until the latter years of high school that he truly committed to the art form at Northwest Florida State College.

He then went on to receive his BFA in Dance, modern concentration, at the University of South Florida, studying under faculty Michael Foley, Bliss Kohlmyer, Paula Nuñez, Andrew Carrol, John Parks and Andee Scott. During his time at USF, Samuel worked with guest choreographers, performing original works by Robert Moses and Xiao Xiangrong, and repertory works by Kara Davis and Christian Denice.

He was also cast in the 2017 American Dance Festival's Footprints, performing Shay Kuebler's original work, annex 7-25-17.