Tampa City Ballet

Who we are

Tampa City Ballet serves the community by creating unique performances and providing high-quality arts education, positively changing lives through the power of dance.

Founded in 2012, Tampa City Ballet (TCB) is a professional, collaborative, creation-based contemporary dance company with a unique, fresh, and innovative repertoire.

Combining ballet and contemporary technique, TCB leads Tampa in joining a global dance movement that is providing a stage for new, emerging artists.

The performances are moving, rich in artistry and leave audiences asking for more.



Our Dancers

Tampa City Ballet is comprised of classical and contemporary trained dancers who collaborate with innovative choreographers to create unique, forefront pieces.


Our Trainess

These young dancers are given the opportunity to exceed beyond their limits, discover their potential, and explore their interest to journey into the professional dance world.


Our Outreach and Educational Programs

Tampa City Ballet is committed to providing all children in the community with the opportunity to explore the joy of dance and your partnership is vital to achieve this goal.


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