Building bridges, creating bonds, and inspiring hope

through dance.


The Company

Tampa City Ballet is committed to the community. Classically and contemporary trained, the dancers work and collaborate with innovative choreographers to create unique, forefront pieces to expose dance to its audiences in Tampa and beyond.


our Trainees

As our second company, these young dancers are given the opportunity to explore their limits and with this, have an easier path to the professional dance world. The Trainees, too, work towards expanding boundaries for the community.


Outreach programs

The company supports the community even more with its "On Your Feet" Program, providing young children at public and private schools with the opportunity to explore dance. Scholarships and outdoor performances are also provided.

Upcoming Performances & Events

Company's premiere



Company's Premiere - May 2018

Our Artistic Faculty

Directed by Paula Nunez, and as a project-based dance company, Tampa City Ballet works with top-class ballet masters and innovative choreographers. Our Artistic Faculty works closely with the dancers for their training, rehearsals, and performances, as well as work with the young TCBII dancers and the children at our Outreach Programs.

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