Lital Gelman

From a very young age Lital has always found herself immersed into the dance world. Growing up in both the commercial and concert scenes, her background and training ranges from styles such as modern, contemporary, and ballet to hip-hop, tap, and jazz. Lital continued to take her dance experience to a more professional level by attending performing arts high school, Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Throughout her experience there, Lital was selected in audition-based pieces working with professional choreographers such as Jennifer Archibald, Christopher Huggins with assistant Levi Marsman, and Stefanie Batten Bland. During her time there, she was also awarded in choreography, technique, and jazz dance.

Lital has furthered her studies by attending the University of South Florida’s (USF) Dance program, which she had the experience to work and perform choreographic works from choreographers Robert Moses, Christian Denise, Gierre Godley, Michael Foley, and Jeanne Travers. During her junior year, Lital took her studies to a world-based perspective by attending the USF Dance in Paris Semester Abroad Program. During those four months, she worked with professionals such as Maurice Causey, Nathalie Pubellier, Heidi Weiss, and Nadine Beaulieu in choreographic workshops across Europe.

Lital began to take a deep interest in her own style of dance and choreography during her time at USF. Her very first original choreographic work Trepidation, was selected to represent USF at the American College of Dance Association, and was also chosen to premiere at its final gala performance. Lital continues to choreograph among several local studios and just recently concluded her second work Nacham Shuvb., a solo work created and based off her religious background and Jewish beliefs.

Shortly after graduating with her BFA degree, Lital signed the 2018 fall season with Tampa City Ballet, directed by Paula Nunez in Tampa, Florida. As Lital continues to teach and dance professionally, she also remains working hard to discover her own movement language through personal experiences and comprehension of human conditions.