By supporting Tampa City Ballet, you will join the vision of "building bridges, creating bonds, and inspiring hope through dance." Tampa City Ballet is more than a professional modern ballet company. We are a vital community partner pursuing a dream to grow the performing arts community of dance. Giving a financial contribution is one of the best ways to show your support.

The generous support of committed donors and audiences are vital for the survival and long-term sustainability of Tampa City Ballet's projects, artistic development, community engagement, and outreach programs.

TCB is a non-profit organization, committed to serving its audiences and more importantly, its community.


Your Support Matters


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What are you contributing to?

our dancers

Class, rehearsals, and performances are the dancers' job. As artists and performers, they are paid in salaries like any other working person. Many hours are put into their training and daily rehearsals in order to perform for the audiences.


our Performances, costumes,

and sets

Tampa City Ballet invests in theater rentals, production sets, backstage crews, and costumes.


our outreach programs

With your generosity, the company will provide a greater number of families with the opportunity to join us through our “On Your Feet” Program where we teach dance to underpriviledged children and cultivate scholarship recipients who may potentially become the future stars of Tampa City Ballet. 


The dancers' shoes

Did you know that a pair of pointe shoes costs from $60 to $120? But did also know that they can last from two hours to two days worth of dance?

Pointe shoes are a main tool for the dancers. You could help us provide these shoes to all of our female dancers.



Tampa City Ballet works with innovative and emerging choreographers to create unique works for the company and the trainees.

Every piece is thoughtfully formulated, staged, revised, and perfected with the result of a flawless piece of performing art.



You will be contributing to the scholarships Tampa City Ballet gives the talented, promising children chosen at our Outreach Program for their dance education at America's Ballet School. A tuition for an 8-year-old dancer is approximately $1,400.


Ways to Contribute



We are actively engaging business or individual partnerships to sponsor our events.



One of the best ways to contribute to our vision is through your individual financial donations.



Partnerships with Government or Private Foundations is critical to our long-term sustainability.



Volunteers are the "fuel" that keeps our engine running.